Guaranteed Loans

Guaranteed Loans Company is a foremost financial services company focused on providing a range of loan products to individuals and business owners at very low interest rates. We also provide financial advisory services to our clients for free, to help them make smart business decisions which would increase the chances of business growth, expansion and profitability and also provide personal advancement for our individual clients.

Some of our products and services

Guaranteed Auto Loans

Whether you need a car for your business operations, Guaranteed Loans Company has got you covered. We have flexible loan structures and repayment terms which are designed to ensure a stress-free repayment throughout the term of the loan.

Guaranteed Approvals

We have one of the highest rates of approvals in the industry, with about 95% of our loan applications being approved.

Student Loans

Everyone deserves quality education and at Guaranteed Loans Company, we have a firm belief in the importance of education and always ensure that all our student clients get quick access to loans which they need to complete their education without stress at all.

Mortgage Loans

Guaranteed Mortgage loans have never been easier. Our company is always focused on helping all our clients to get the right home loans with the perfect loan rates.

Business Loans

We fund your new business ideas and also partner with you to make it a success. We would also provide you with financial backing and support to expand and grow your existing business and provide the financial still you get the real profitability.

Loan Refinancing

Are you struggling under the weight of a loan which you no longer find easy to repay? Talk to us today about a refinancing option through our guaranteed loans refinancing supporting and the related services.

Our Three Step Loan Application Process

Because we are always focused on making the loan process easy and seamless for our clients, we have broken down our loan application process into a simple, three-step procedure. With our three-step process, you can have your loan in your bank account in as little as 72 hours.

Guaranted Loans

Determine how much you need for your project

If you’re buying a new home, a new car or searching for funds for a new business, it’s important for you to know just how much you would need. This is the first step in our easy, three-step loan application procedure.

Determine how much you need for your project

The next step is to use our online loan calculator to find out the costs of your loan. It’s pretty simple- just input the amount you would like to borrow, your preferred loan repayment period and other personal details the click on the submit button to see our incredible loan rates for you.

Apply Online

If you are satisfied with our rates, you can begin your application process immediately. Download our online application form, fill in your details and submit the form online. After submission, one of our representatives would review your loan application and provide you with details of your loan approval within few seconds.

Get Loans Even With Your Bad Credit Score

Regardless of your credit standing, Guaranteed Loans Company has a solution for you. We offer financing services to individuals or businesses with bad or good credit scores with fair interest rates.

Free Consultation

We welcome questions, enquiries and chats from potential and existing customers. Our professionals are always around to discuss your unique needs with you online or over the phone.

Guaranteed Approvals

We have one of the highest rates of approvals in the industry, with about 95% of our loan applications being approved.

Prompt Response

We have a dedicated team of customer service professionals who are always on hand to listen and provide prompt answers to all your enquiries.